jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

Positive and Negative effects.

 Networking sites are now a great source of communication, but can be dangerous. So, you have to be careful. Here there are some positive and negative points of social networking:

Positive effects:

-Maintain simple and easy interaction among people. Friends who have lost touch can again connect with each other and always stay in touch.
 -Customize their profiles and categorize their friends and family accordingly, and make groups to make chatting easy.
-Makes easy talk with other people.
-Connect with people of different countries, and get to know their culture and way of living.
-It is good platform for getting to know different people.
-Cheaper communication.
-Promoting your business and find potential clients by just sitting at home.
-Sharing pictures and video; create your albums and videos, and post them in your profile.

Negative effects:

-Revealing personal details, that unknown people could see.
-The profile demands the certain interests and contact details that could cause a problem for youngsters.
-Many websites allow unknown people to see privacy settings.
-Create a fake profile, to cause other people problems.
-Online scams, stalking, identity theft, etc.,
-There is also a possibility of your account being hacked..

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