martes, 14 de mayo de 2013

Things You Should Not Post on Social Networking Sites

That you are desperate in matters of th heart.

At the fist date/blind date you don't get to own a person, even if you are married with him/her, so be careful with what you say. Respect their privacy, and don't tag your photos as true love.

Couple taking a walk

That you are an incorrigible attention seeker.

Don't post your opinions, at the end nobody had ask you.

That you really are what you eat.

Nobody cares about what you eat, so don't tell to everybody.

That you are fishing for danger.

Be carefull with the information you post on the social networking because it can be dangerous, as everyone could see it.

girl in Paris

That you are just so very careless.

You have to know that everybody can see your photographs, and even your boss.

man on a holiday

That you are sick, not lovesick.

Keep your displays of affection private, everybody has a Facebook account.

That you are simply unbelievable.


That you are trying to be subtle, but showing off.

Don't post your private amotions on the Internet, after all is your private life, and this things should be shared by the two persons involved.

That you are playing with fire.

Don't revenge by selling or voice your company secrets on a social forum, with your IP address you could get on serious problems.

That you update more than adobe.

People don't care about what you do all the time.

multitasking woman

That you love to flaunt.

Don't post all types of photos, it is best left for a private viewing.

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  1. I like your blog, tells all, the negative and the positive things about the social networking

  2. I like this entree, I didn´t know before that I can published on my social websites some kinds of things. I know others but here are some things that I didn´t know it. Thanks ! ^^